Instructions for Authors

IAPR Statement of Ethics
By submitting a paper to MMIS 2016 all of its authors implicitly agree to abide by the IAPR Statement of Ethics.

Conference Registration
To publish a paper in the Workshop Proceedings, at least one of the authors must be registered at the Workshop. According to IAPR rules, one registration is fine for having multiple co-authored papers at the ICPR conference.

Paper Submission
Authors of submissions for MMIS 2016, please refer to the following for the preparation and submission of your manuscript.

To submit your paper, send it as a PDF file to before September 15, 23:59 (US Pacific Standard Time):

Camera-ready Uploading Instructions
Final Submission of accepted papers, due on  October 5, 23:59 (US Pacific Standard Time):

  • Email address of recipient:
  • Upload zip archive with the PDF, receive confirmation email with your paperID

Once accepted your paper, the final version of your paper must be submitted in electronic format as a file with all the sources files (see below). Here, paperID should be replaced by the paper ID that was given to your submission in the confirmation email

If you like to provide supplemental material (e.g. a video) to your final version of your paper, to be accessible trough the electronic program, then please submits a second zip-archive as a file.

Camera-ready Paper Formatting
Papers should be written in English according to the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science guidelines and templates.
Your final paper zip-file should include:

  • one tex file (NOT several tex files, e.g. not each section in a separate file, and also not a bbl file, all references in the single tex) containing the source of your paper;
  • all the used figures in pdf, jpg, or png format (NOT in eps format, and NOT in a subfolder; tex file and figures should be inside the same folder);
  • a pdf of the compiled tex file;
  • no separate macro file; if individual macros were used, then they should also be included in the source tex file;
  • completed and signed Springer Copyright Form. Please download the linked Copyright Form.
  • The manuscript has to follow LNCS standards. Pay extra attention on how the references are written, e.g years in brackets, and authors listed by surnames first, followed by initials.

To publish the paper in the Workshop Proceedings (LNCS volume), at least one of the authors must be registered at a non-student registration rate at the workshop.

Maximum Paper Length
Papers should be submitted in camera-ready format. 12-pages is the recommended long with a hard limit of 14-pages. No "squeezing" of text or figures is allowed. If the spaces between figures and text are too narrow, or the required font (see LNCS instructions) is not used, the files will be send back to the authors for a proper format.

Author Kit
Papers must use the following format:

  • LNCS author guidelines from Springer website (pdf, 1.1 MB)
  • LNCS MMIS 2016 LaTeX submission template (zip, 36 KB). For camera-ready version please erase or comment the line \usepackage{ruler} in the *.tex file.
  • LNCS Word 2007 submission template (zip, 311 KB). The use of Microsoft Word is ***not recommended*** by Springer, as the layout of the pages can change between printouts. Please read the explanatory typing instructions "SPLNPROC Word 2007-2010 Technical Instructions.pdf" contained in the ZIP archive carefully.

For any difficulties and other issues regarding submission, please feel free to contact Oscar Dalmau (